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Lead Inspection in Boston

Lead can be a very dangerous mineral when it enters into your body. Even the tiniest amount of this mineral can have severe health effects on people and animals. Lead is a very sneaky element that tricks you into allowing it to enter into your body as it can enter in the form of dust. This hazardous element mimics the good elements that your body needs such as calcium and zinc. Once it enters your system, it destroys essential bodily functions that you use regularly. When this occurs, it becomes the condition known as lead poisoning, which can affect your heart, bones, intestines, kidneys, and reproductive and nervous systems.

Lead poisoning can be caused by eating paint chips and inhaling lead dust. When paint chips on your wall, they crumble into the ground, leaving chips all over. When children who have a tendency to chew on everything get their hands on pain chips, this could prove to be very dangerous. If you have a home, you should get this checked for different hazards. Among our expertise is lead inspection. Let us inspect your home for this hazardous mineral. You do not want your children playing around an area with lead paint.

Professional Lead inspection

Our company thrives at making the environment as well as homes, offices, schools, and other buildings a safe environment for people to live in. we offer a number of services that include mold inspection and testing, asbestos inspections, and lead inspection to name a few. Lead inspection, in particular, is something that we do incredibly well. In fact, we are the best lead inspectors in Boston.

Lead inspection is done to prevent lead poisoning, which has affected many men and women of all ages. Lead poisoning is especially prevalent in many toddlers because they have nasty tendencies of putting anything in their mouth. When they put chipped paint particles into their mouths, they can develop lead poisoning, which is very dangerous.

How we conduct lead inspection

Here in our team, lead inspection is one of our services that we offer to anyone who needs us. The way we conduct our lead inspections is as follows:

  • Upon contacting us, we will schedule an appointment with you on a day that you are free, upon which; we will send a licensed lead inspector to your home to begin the inspection.
  • If your house was built before 1978, the chance that it has lead paint is rather large. This is because lead was prevented from being added into any paint after the year 1978.
  • Our lead inspector will begin the inspection by going through every room and analyzing the paint in those rooms with the use of a XRF gun. This gun has the ability to identify if there is any lead in the paint on any surface in the home. This includes walls, window seals, cabinets, doors, closets, and any other part of the home that has paint on them.
  • Our lead inspectors will also conduct a test involving dust wipes, which are similar to baby wipe cloths that you find in any supermarkets. The purpose of this test is to check for lead dust that is equally as dangerous as lead paint. These wipes are sent to the lab for testing and analysis which can be finalized into a comprehensive report by our lead inspector in less than 24 hours.
  • After submitting the report to you, our lead inspector will take the time to train you on effective methods by which you can prevent any form of lead appearing in your home. This will lessen any risks of your family members getting lead poisoning.

Hazards of lead poisoning

Lead poisoning is a dangerous condition that no human being deserves to experience. Lead poisoning is a product of exposure to lead in the sense that people inhale lead dust into their systems. Other ways that lead can enter the body are: exposure to lead in a manufacturing factory that makes use of lead, old homes that have been standing before 1978 which have lead paint, and water contamination. Lead poisoning in children is so serious that it can cause many forms of permanent brain damage that is very difficult to treat and cure. The only way to cure lead poisoning is to prevent it from ever reaching you, your family, and loved ones because once they are exposed; they are at extremely serious risk. This is why it is of great importance that you treat your homes with care. Have it regularly checked on by professionals who will spot health risks and prevent them from occurring.

Why you should hire our service

When you hire our team, you are hiring professional and licensed individuals who have the experience at detecting and preventing many health risks in your homes, offices, schools, and other places. We do this by performing the most comprehensive inspection, testing, and analysis in Boston. We operate efficiently at producing results that is essential into transforming your home into a safer and more inhabitable environment. Try our services and you will sleep better at night knowing that your home is safe from any form of environmental risk.